‘I thought it was over for me;’ Oklahoma family survives falling through thin ice

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City family survives a terrifying fall through thin ice on a pond.

Fire crews were called to the scene Friday morning after an employee at a nearby business noticed a hole in some ice and worried someone had fallen into the water.

Fortunately, firefighters never found anyone from the pond near N.E. 122nd and Kelley.

They soon learned the pond was the scene of a terrifying accident on Thursday night.

Daisy Lechuga said, "I was skating and I heard a crack and I fell."

After falling through the ice, Daisy's family members tried to help get her out of the freezing cold water.

Monica Garcia said, "I was trying to get Daisy out, but I couldn't because the ice kept breaking."

After attempting to pull Daisy to safety, Garcia noticed that her cousin, Jesus Hernandez, was going to get help.

Unfortunately, before he could reach the shore, he fell in the pond.

Hernandez said, "I ran to get my phone and turned and I fell in."

Even though the ice only came up to his waist, Hernandez struggled to escape.

He said, "I was scared.  I thought I wasn't gonna get out."

Eventually, Garcia dove beneath the surface to save her niece's life.

Garcia said, "My main thing was to get her out, so I had to go underwater and pushed her out."

The frigid temperatures made it impossible for Garcia to get out of the water.

That's when another cousin dove in to save her

"It was freezing cold.  I was trying to get out, but my body was frozen.  I thought that was it for me."

The family was able to make it to safety and run home.

The next day, they began seeing reports of fire crews searching the pond.

That's when they reported everything that had happened that night.

The family says they were fortunate no one got killed.

"I thought it was over for me," said Garcia. "I mean it seemed impossible to get out because the ice kept breaking as we tried to get out."

Amazingly, none of the kids were seriously hurt serious.

While the family was able to survive the ordeal, emergency workers advise everyone to avoid icy ponds.

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