Missing 6-day-old baby boy found in a tote bag

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IOWA – A 6-day-old Wisconsin baby who vanished from a home in the middle of the night has been found safe at an Iowa gas station, authorities said Friday.

Police say Kayden Powell was found outdoors in a tote bag, wrapped in blankets, at a gas station in Iowa near interstate 80.

They say he is in excellent health.

He was reported missing after his mom, Brianna Marshall, went to check on him early in the morning but found his bassinet empty.

An FBI special agent said today that a police chief on patrol heard the boy crying while he was doing a check along the interstate.

Police are investigating the incident and have a person of interest in custody.

That person is Kristen Smith, who showed up at Kayden’s house shortly after he was born, claiming to be a relative.

Police arrested Smith in Iowa on an unrelated warrant.

They found baby clothes inside her van but no sign of the infant.

FBI acting special agent in charge G.B. Jones described the baby as “Amazing resilient.”

And he said it is days like today that are the reason that many in law enforcement do the jobs they do.

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