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Woman looking for a “steal” at Walmart arrested for theft

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NORMAN, Okla. - One woman literally got a steal of a deal from a Norman Walmart.

Police say 37-year-old Christie McWilliams tried to steal as much as she could from the store. According to employees her odd behavior tipped them off that something was wrong.

Captain Tom Easley said "Well evidentially the cart that she was pushing was full. Full enough that she was having to pack things down using her body weight by pressing down on items inside the cart."

Officers say McWilliams pushed her cart full of loot worth almost $1000 out the doors as fast as she could, but loss prevention chased her down.

Whitey Cook said "I think she’s probably desperate. It’s tough times. People do silly things when they’re desperate."

Tanhia Sosa said "I just don’t understand why someone would do that when we have to pay for it and she just ran out with so much food and stuff."

McWilliams didn't put up much of a fight when her plan failed and police slapped the handcuffs on her. Authorities say it was pretty obvious she'd been planning the theft for a while.

"I’m sure her plan was to simply bypass, nobody will notice me, and I’ll be home free with over $800 worth of merchandise. But that didn’t work out." Easley said.

"You do the crime you do the time." Donna Ivie said.