Newlywed dies after falling 1,500 feet in front of husband

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ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah (CNN) – A newlywed died in a cliff-jumping accident while her husband of just two weeks looked on helplessly.

National Park Service officials say the 28-year-old woman and her husband were base jumping off of Mt. Kinesava.

After she jumped, the woman’s parachute apparently failed to open.

Officials say base jumpers leap from cliffs, buildings and other tall objects with only a small parachute.

Park Rangers say what they were doing is illegal and marks the first fatality of the year inside the park.

Aly Baltrus, National Park Service spokeswoman, said, “She basically fell almost 1,500 feet.”

Authorities say the woman’s husband told them he jumped after her but could not reach her.

He hiked out of the park and called for help but a recovery team couldn’t reach her body until the next day.

Officials say the woman and her husband were experienced jumpers.

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