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Lawmaker working to change ‘Dash Cam Loophole’ exemption for Highway Patrol

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OKLAHOMA CITY - We are following the latest developments in a bill making its way through the legislative process at our State Capitol.

It involves a government transparency issue we first told you about last year, Oklahoma Highway Patrol dash camera video and audio.

WATCH: NewsChannel 4 OHP Controversial Dash Cam Exemption

Every law enforcement agency in Oklahoma is subject to the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

When requested by a citizen, those agencies must release dash cam video.

However, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol does not have to comply with the Open Records Act because of an exemption written into state law in 2005.

After the NewsChannel 4 investigation, Oklahoma State Senator David Holt, wrote a bill removing the OHP video and audio exemption.

Holt and others said they believe the Oklahoma Highway Patrol should be subject to the same transparency standards as every other law enforcement agency in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, Holt's bill, SB 1513, will have a hearing in the Committee On Rules Wednesday at 11 a.m at Room 419-C in the State Capitol building.

WATCH LIVE ONLINE: The Rules Committee hearing starting at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

According to Holt, voters with strong feelings about this issue should email committee members to have their opinion heard.

The following legislators sit on the Committee On Rules: