Car-fanatics crushed: Sinkhole forms under museum, handful of rare cars destroyed

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Courtesy: National Corvette Museum

BOWLING GREEN, Ky (CNN) – In Kentucky, a sinkhole has destroyed eight pricey vehicles at a national museum.

Wendell Strode, the executive director of the National Corvette Museum, said, “Where we had Corvettes, there’s now a big hole.”

According to WXIN, eight cars were swallowed by the hole.

We’re told six of them were owned by the museum and two were on loan from General Motors.

Currently, 20 to 25 cars still sit inside the building.

Strode said, “The fire department did allow us to remove the 1983.”

That 1983 model is the only one of its kind in the world.

Jason Polk, a geology professor, said, “It’s definitely well-known to have sinkhole occurrences throughout this area of Kentucky and other places in the southeastern U.S. The sinkhole is pretty typical. The atypical thing is that it occurred within the Corvette Museum.”

The hole is about 30 feet deep and 40 feet wide.

Right now, the cause behind the sinkhole is being investigated.

Polk said, “Different things trigger them. We’ve had a lot of rain recently. It’s been a really wet winter. So, that type of thing is something that could be a contributing factor but I just can’t say for sure right now.”

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