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VIDEO: Camera rolling as it falls from plane, lands in a very unusual place

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WARNING: The skydiver uses an inappropriate gesture at the beginning of the video.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) – When it comes to dangerous stunts, a lot of daredevils want to capture their feats on camera.

However, one skydiver’s camera had a much different journey than his path to solid ground.

When a skydiver in Milwaukee was strapping on a GoPro to his helmet, the camera slipped through his fingers and out of the plane.

The camera went into a continuous spin before finally reaching the ground and landing in a pig pen.

But that’s not where the camera’s journey ends.

A pig decided this ‘gift from above’ must be a snack.

Eventually, the camera was found by the pig’s owner and reunited with the skydiver, who now has a unique take on his latest jump.