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GRAPHIC: Sewer back-up creates havoc on Del City residents

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DEL CITY - There's a stinky problem in Del City stemming from a sewage backup. "I can't even stand to be in my own backyard. I can't let my dog out to go to the bathroom," said Tammy Fleming. She's fuming over her neighbor's ruptured sewer line. She said it's happened not once, not twice but at least ten times.

"They have a pipe that comes up out of the ground and the sewage just keeps coming up out of it I guess every time they flush the toilet," said Fleming.

The human waste seeps past the fence making filthy, smelly puddles in her backyard.

She said, "Every time I call the city the owner will have a plumber come out, they'll snake it, he'll go away, two weeks its just like this again. It's just never-ending."

Fleming said her dog has become sick because of the waste. "It's very frustrating, it's very aggravating and I have tried everybody to help me."

At her whits end she called News Channel 4. We called code enforcement. We were there when they showed up.

"It looks like we've got a collapsed sewer line but it's really not all that unusual," said Tom Leatherbee with Del City Code Enforcement.

Leatherbee said they didn't know about the problem because Fleming was contacting the wrong department. "Standard procedure is that we shut the water off so the problem can't get any worse. The best way to keep more sewage from coming out is to make sure nothing goes down the drain.'

With the water off, the problem is temporarily fixed.

NewsChannel 4 spoke to the family renting the home and they said they are just as upset as their neighbor. They also said the landlord has not fixed the collapsed line after repeated request. We'll follow-up on that.