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Great State: Wedding Chapel Owner has a Unique Vantage Point on Love

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BETHANY, OKLAHOMA -- If love is a journey, this place is one of the milestones, not the start, but close to the beginning.

It's definitely a place people will remember fondly, where everything seems to glow, where the happiest memories are made.

Wedding chapel owner Lori Mosshart agrees. "It's a happy time for people." "Every wedding is a little different."

Mosshart helps people tie the knot, literally.

In 2012 her family opened the Ivory House Wedding Chapel.

She says, "I can honestly says this is a dream come true."

There are still lots of people around Bethany who remember this building as the Java Joint coffee house.

For years, it was a place where romance kindled.

Then, for 3 years, it sat vacant until Lori convinced her family and the bank that it could be a place where romance became a lifetime of love.

She caught the chapel bug at her own daughter's wedding.

It took a few years and more work than she realized, but now Lori sits at a unique vantage point, one where love takes a firm grip.

"You're kind of in the love business aren't you," queries a chapel visitor.

"Yes, " she laughs. "Exactly, and you hope that all of them end in 'happily ever after'."

There's a wedding planned for this weekend.

Lori already has the candles lit just to make sure they'll light when they're supposed to.

Lori insists, "I never dreamed it would turn out as good as it did."

Mosshart's personal history with her building goes back years before she converted it to a wedding chapel.

Her daughter celebrated her 16th birthday in the Java Joint.

It was also the place where her future son-in-law asked her husband for permission to marry their daughter.

For more information on the Ivory House go to http://www.theivoryhouse.net