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Historic Oklahoma artifact found in Norman barn, returned to rightful owner

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OKLAHOMA CITY -When visiting the Oklahoma State Capitol, you may notice items from hundreds of years ago.

One of those items is a nine-foot-tall bronze lamp.

Trait Thompson, with the Capitol Preservation Commission, said, "When it came, none of the glass was in it.”

It's one of 12 lamps that had been missing for nearly 100 years.light

Thompson said, "It's a beautiful piece. We're really glad to have it back.”

The lamps lined the Senate Chamber in 1917 but then they disappeared.

Thompson said, "I think it's what archeologists must find when they discover a big dinosaur or something, we were very excited.”

It was a couple from Norman that discovered the historic artifact right in their own backyard.

Last summer, KFOR ran a story about original sconces found hidden inside an attic at the capitol.

Our story showed photographs from the early 1900's.

The owners saw the story and connected the dots, matching their barn lamp to the one in the original story.

Thompson said, "He had bought it at a swap meet about 40 years ago and I think he had said that he wanted to turn it into a yard lamp and, of course, he didn't know the historical significance of it.”

After being in pieces for years, the lamp is now cleaned up and restored.

It represents a symbol of hope that the other 11 lamps that are missing are still out there, waiting to be returned.

Thompson said, "We're really hopeful that maybe we can find some more of them and bring them back here to the Senate Chamber and restore them and put them back in their rightful place for generations of Oklahomans to enjoy.”

For more information about the history of the Senate Chamber, visit the Senate's website.