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UPDATE: Sochi silver medalist has heart of gold

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Gus Kenworthy got his wish granted, he was able to rescue some puppies from the streets of Sochi.

Sadly two of the dogs didn’t make it to the U.S. But puppies Jake, Mishka and their mom are safe in the United States.

Kenworthy hopes his efforts will bring attention to the plight of strays and lead to more shelters being built in Russia.


Before winning a silver medal in the inaugural Olympic men’s ski slopestyle competition, Gus Kenworthy kept himself busy.

The American freestyle skier has set the internet abuzz with his effort to send a family of stray dogs to the U.S.

As the Sochi Games started, Animal Rights activists launched a campaign to save Sochi’s strays.

A local company said it had been contracted to round-up the stray dogs.

The IOC said no healthy dogs were being destroyed during the roundup.

The plight of the strays apparently hit Kenworthy, he picked up four puppies and their mother on the streets and is making arrangements to have them sent home to Telluride.

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