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Alleged ‘Ray Ban Bandit’ caught on camera following series of thefts

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police say they are searching for a serial thief.

Oklahoma City police released surveillance video of a man accused of repeatedly stealing from an eyeglass store in the downtown area.

Officers say the suspect has targeted the same store three times.

The thefts started last year but the most recent crime took place this week.

Walking through the doors of Leadership Square and into the small eye care business, the same man has allegedly stolen numerous Ray Ban sunglasses on multiple occasions.

Michele Chandler, an employee of the store, said, "I saw him putting them on and thought he was putting them back but he was putting them in his jacket."

The suspect can be seen on video earlier this week casually glancing through a rack of frames before looking back at the camera.

Shortly after that, employees say he pocketed frame after frame.

Chandler said, "He tried a pair on, put it in his pocket, tried a pair on, put it in his pocket, then we came around the corner and he stood up and shook our hand and said, 'My name is David Williams."

However, authorities do not know if that's the alleged suspect's real name or not.

Employees say the suspect apparently targets slightly cheaper Ray Ban frames and not the top of the line models, perhaps for good reason.

"What he's taking has street value," said Chandler.  "He can turn around and sell it very quickly."

She said the suspected crook comes into the store when it's crowded, so his thefts go largely unnoticed until it's too late.

"It's just frustrating because we know he's out there and can't catch him," said Chandler. "That's extremely frustrating."

MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, "This is someone who's engaging in a pattern of behavior and repeating the theft over and over, and actually at the same location, so we'd like to get him off the streets."

The suspect first allegedly stole from the store last September, then again in November and a third time this week.

In total, the suspect has taken at least $2,000 worth of glasses and maybe a lot more than that.

Anyone with information on the man seen in the video is asked to contact CrimeStoppers.