Great State: Oklahoma’s Music Ambassador Plays Songs of Love

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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- He walked briskly from the February cold outside straight into the heart of Valentine romance.

Noted Oklahoma violinist Kyle Dillingham made serenading calls all over the Metro leading up to Valentine's Day 2014.

Most of the time, before he even finished the first measure, the melting of hearts had begun.

"I think it's the favorite part of my occupation," he said. "The opportunity to bring a surprise through music."

His first serenade on Valentine's Day morning went to International House manager Nela Mrchkovska at the University of Central Oklahoma.

The request came from another department on campus, and included a generous 3 songs.

Nela is originally from Macedonia, but one of the nice things about music is that it cuts across all language barriers.

After the serenade she said, "I'm surprised. It was very sweet, very sweet."

From Macedonia to Greek, next door to the International House is the Sigma Kappa Sorority.

Kyle's visit there was scheduled quickly, but the effect was the same.

One look at audience member's faces explained why musicians always seem to get the girls.

"Does this kind of thing work?" asks a house visitor. "

"Serenading?" was the response.

"Yeah." "We wish it would happen more often."

"It was the best way to start off our Valentine's Day."

Kyle could serenade for the money or the girls, but he plays these gigs for a higher purpose.

All the proceeds from his serenades went to Oklahoma's Water4 foundation.

"The result," he said, "Is that children are receiving access to clean water."

He's played his violin all over the world as a musical ambassador for Oklahoma.

Kyle Dillingham plays mostly for the love of music.

But the love he gets back is pretty nice too.

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