UPDATE: Pott. Co. Officials Search for “Armed and Dangerous” Men

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UPDATE: 2/18/14 Justin Moore is now in custody in the Pottowatomie County Jail. He is being held on a conspiracy to commit murder complaint.


Justin Moore

Shane Pitts is still on the loose.

2/16/18 Pottawatomie County officials continue to search for two men they describe as armed and dangerous.

Shane Pitts, 34 and Justin Moore, 33 are accused of opening fire on a vehicle in the 22,000 block of Gaddy Road, killing one person and injuring two others.

Andrea Hollis was killed in the shooting.

Leslie Kent and David Woods were both injured.

“We have been out all night following leads, chasing leads, interviewing people, checking areas, watching different homes in hopes to catch these two,” said Lt. Jimmy Brewer with the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Dept.

shane pitts

Shane Pitts

Authorities are looking into facebook posts from Pitts.

Several make derogatory comments about Woods.

A post on Saturday directly threatens whoever burned Pitts’ dad’s barn down.

In his post, Pitts says he will have his revenge.

“There has been some disputes in the past between the two. There was some property damage yesterday morning and there’s been some other issues over the past between the two,” said Lt. Brewer.

Lt. Brewer says the two suspects are considered armed and dangerous.

Neighbors are hoping they’re caught quickly.

“I hope they catch the guys. I mean because guys like that don’t need to be out on the loose. That’s kind of dangerous for everybody,” said Shawn Harlan, who lives down the street from where the victims were shot.

“We don’t want any more people hurt, law enforcement or civilians. We just want this to end peacefully,” said Lt. Brewer.

The two suspects were driving a 2008 GMC one ton black pickup truck with a sticker on the back glass, possibly a PBR sticker.

If you have any information, call the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Department.