All Clear: Investigators find no evidence of bomb after threat to two Putnam City schools

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BETHANY, Okla. - There were some tense moments for students at two Putnam City schools after a bomb threat prompted an evacuation.

It all started with a call to Bethany police on Monday afternoon.

Officials say the caller claimed there was a bomb inside Western Oaks Middle School.

Shortly after, Western Oaks Elementary and Western Oaks Middle School were evacuated.

Hundreds of school kids were quickly moved into the parking lot of a nearby shopping center.

Despite being moved, the students were given little or no explanation.

Anestasia Lutz said, "The teachers just said they didn't know what was going on."

Preston Gilpatrick said, "It was weird and unusual having to evacuate school and they didn't tell you why.  They still didn't tell us why."

After waiting in the parking lot, those students were bused over to Putnam City West High School.

Once they arrived, parents were allowed to pick the kids up.

Walking home, many parents think the district did a good job responding to the threat and evacuation.

Amy Gilpatrick said, "I think they did well and they got the kids away from the school and got them to safety."

After the threat, Bethany police went through the school very carefully to make sure it was safe.

District officials say that while there's no evidence of a bomb inside the middle school, the district always had to treat each threat as legitimate.

Steve Lindley, the spokesperson for the Putnam City School District, said, "It's my understanding, Bethany police asked the buildings to be evacuated and because these are students, we want to keep them safe. We were happy to do so."