Oklahoma councilman wants his city to become safe haven for marijuana users

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A local city councilman would like his city to become the first in Oklahoma to allow residents to possess marijuana in small amounts.

The Village City Councilman Jerry Broughton  proposed the ordinance idea at last week's city council meeting but he received no support from his peers.

Councilman Hutch Hibbard said it would only encourage pot smokers to move to The Village to use and grow the drug, which would conflict with their efforts to be a family friendly community.

Broughton says jails and the court system are unnecessarily clogged with young marijuana users who are not dangerous to the community if they use a small amount of the drug in their own homes.

He also believes it's time to allow Oklahomans to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Mark Woodward, spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, said a recent study showed less than one percent of prisons are occupied by people convicted of marijuana possession.

He said judges give marijuana offenders plenty of opportunities to avoid jail time through drug court and/or suspended sentences.

The Village City Council may discuss the subject again at Tuesday night's meeting.

While it may be discussed, there are no current plans to put the item on the agenda.

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