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A middle school coach helps make a 12-year-old boy’s dream become reality

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Tonight on Pay it Forward, our recipient is someone who champions children every day.

A coach from Monroney Middle School is changing the life of a 12-year-old boy.

From fixing 6th grader Kyle's wheelchair to coaching the middle school wrestling team, Coach Keith Richards got it all covered.

But he really has Kyle covered.

Kyle's mother Sandy Bratcher opened up and shared a devastating story about her son's physical challenges.

"Since he was little he was always very athletically inclined until he had his brain tumor." "The tumor changed everything."

"He had a brain tumor when he was three and they told us that he wouldn't survive and he wasn't going to do well."

But Kyle bucked down and beat that brain tumor.

It may have affected a number of things, but inside this 12-year-old is ready to go.

One of the things he always wanted to do was wrestle.

So coach Keith made Kyle's dreams become reality.

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