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Preparing for swimsuit season? 6 ways to trick your body into losing more weight

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While swimsuit season is just around the corner, many women are already dieting and exercising to prepare for summer.

However, it can be more difficult for some women to lose weight compared to the men in their lives.

Tammy and Chris Garner work out together regularly.

Although they’ve both lost a little weight, Tammy says it’s much tougher for her.

She said, “You have to work hard as opposed to my husband, who stops eating two cheeseburgers¬† and then loses 10 pounds.”

It’s a common frustration but doctors say some people just burn calories faster than others.

Studies show women burn calories slower than men and new research showed that one reason may be an enzyme.

Dr. Ouliana Ziouzenkova said, “It could be increased as much as nine-fold in the female, not the male.”

Two other chemicals make it worse as women age.

When they’re young, high levels of the hormone estrogen help their bodies burn fat.

As they age, estrogen levels drop and they don’t burn as many calories.

In addition to that, fat holding enzymes get even more active.

Dr. Ziouzenkova said, “Males are prone to this throughout life. In women, it’s estrogen-dependent and food-quality dependent.”

Fortunately, experts say you can use this information to your advantage to trick your body into losing weight.

Officials say if you are struggling to lose weight, you may try the following:

  • Avoid preservatives, trans fats and saturated fats
  • Eat fats early in the day when they can be burned off
  • Eat carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta, bread and corn early so your body has a better chance of burning off those extra calories.
  • Limit carbohydrates and fats after 4 p.m.
  • Always eat breakfast because it stimulates the body to release fat burning hormones.
  • Continue your exercise routine.

Exercising does not help with weight loss as much as dieting but over time, it turns fat to muscle.

In turn, that muscle burns more calories than fat.

All six steps are meant to tell your body that it needs to use fat instead of storing it.

In a sense, you’re making it more efficient.

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