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New bill could make texting and driving illegal

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A new bill could ban writing, sending or even reading a text message while driving. Officials say Senate Bill 442 could help save hundreds of Oklahoma lives.

"Using your cell phone while driving, it's just so easy for half a second to make an impact and change somebody's life." Eric Kerian said.

We caught several drivers fiddling with their phones behind the wheel.

Right now, texting while driving is not technically illegal in Oklahoma. EMSA says it's caused countless accidents.

EMSA Director of Clinical Services Jim Winham said "A cell phone may have been found in the lap or maybe close proximity or something along those lines."

AAA estimates there were more than 11,000 crashes in 2012 caused by distracted driving.

Lawmakers hope Senate Bill 442 will help cut that number down.

Zoey Baxendale said "I think that bill would be a really good idea because a lot of people text and drive and it's really dangerous. I mean, even with the new Siri, you press it, and you can talk into it, it's still bad because you're still holding the phone."

And sometimes it's just downright annoying.

Archie Wallace said "Be behind somebody and then there's somebody up front that`s texting and then the crowd goes on and you wait and you wait and you wait and so then it kind of gets disturbing when they do that."

If the bill passes and you get caught, you could get a $30 fine for the first offense and then $50 for every one after that.

Forty-two other states are already regulating texting and driving.