Family doesn’t want a handout, hosts car washes to earn money for loved one’s funeral

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CLEVELAND, Texas (CNN) – After the loss of a loved one, many communities reach out to families in need.

One such family in Texas is seeking help to bury their family member but they say they want to earn every penny they receive for those expenses.

The family cannot afford the funeral, so they decided to create a car wash fundraiser, which has a lot of people stopping or at least making them do a double take.

Customers receive a standard wash for a few dollars and it means the world to those doing the scrubbing.

Connie Chiado said, “We’re standing out there with the signs stating that we’re doing this for a funeral. It’s not for fun and games. We need to bury my cousin.”

According to KHOU, Ray Farmer was disabled and mysteriously died in his sleep on Friday night.

Shana Farmer, Ray’s widow, said, “I can’t even believe it’s happening.”

Shana is now without a penny to lay her husband of 22 years to rest.

So, she turned to family and friends for help.

It started as a car wash on Monday and barbecue plates were added by Tuesday.

Chiado said, “There’s over $1,300.”

Shawn Grady, like many others, stopped by to help strangers in need.

He said, “I’ve seen car washes with bikinis, all this, that and the other and I have seen more people in here today.”

The family says no one is asking for a handout because they know how to work hard.

Chiado said, “We’re not rich people. We flip burgers for a living. We work on cars for a living.”

Now, they are working on raising $7,000 to plan a funeral.

The family hopes they will have enough money to have that funeral this weekend.