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Man faces hefty fine after moving couch into home

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Oklahoma City, Okla. - A man is facing a hefty fine from the city after he moved a couch into his house.

"There's other people with trailers and all this in their driveway and yards," said Joe Sifuentez, "Here you are jacking with me. Just go away."

Sifuentez parked his trailer carrying the couch in his yard. That drew the attention of a code enforcer passing through.

She asked Sifuentez what he was doing.

"I told her, you know, it's none of your business. I'm moving furniture," said Sifuentez.

Admittadly, not the most polite answer.

"I was real mad," said Siguentez.

The retired Air Force father was up all night at the emergency room with his wife. Their baby is sick. He had to move the couch, so he pulled the trailer close to the home for easy access.

However, the city says it's still illegal.

"Sometimes they get upset, and I certainily understand that," said Action Center Manager Beth Crounse. "As I say, nobody wants to get a ticket."

Last year the city issued 12,000 tickets for yard parking. The city hands out fines for this type of violation more often than any other violation this time of year.
Less than ten years ago, the fine was just $10. Now the cost starts at $100 and can go up depending on the number of violations a person has on their record.

"It can damage our utility lines. So that's one problem, and the other problem is it really makes a neighborhood look bad," said Crounse.

In Sifuentez's case, he moved the trailer, but that landed him a second ticket.

"She said well you can't have that trailer in the driveway either. I'm like what?" said Sifuentez.

Turns out, your trailer has to be behind a sight-proof fence.

As for Sifuentez, he now owes the city $100.

"That really irritated me," said Sifuentez.

He has the option to fight the ticket in court. A judge will decide whether to throw the ticket out or make the man pay.

If you would like to complain about a ticket, you can call the city at 405-297-2535.