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Candy bar craving cost veteran his job, girlfriend and house

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MILFORD, Iowa (CNN) – For some candy-lovers, a candy bar can provide that needed relief when things get a little tough.

Now, an Iowa veteran says his craving cost him his job, his house and his girlfriend.

Robert McKevitt, 27, was hired as a forklift operator at Polaris Industries after tours in Kosovo and Afghanistan with the Army National Guard.
McKevitt said he was halfway through a shift and wanted to stop by the vending machine to grab a Twix bar.
He told CNN, “I put in a dollar and it spun like it was going to give out the candy bar, but it didn’t. It got hung up on the spiral thing that ejects the candy bar.”
According to a legal decision filed by an administrative judge,  McKevitt’s actions after that point resulted in “misconduct.”
A Polaris representative says McKevitt “was observed by a supervisor lifting a candy machine about one to two feet off the ground with a forklift and then dropping the machine to the ground, which he repeated five or six times.”
The document claims he got three candy bars out of the machine and told company officials he had only shaken the machine to get out the candy that he paid for that didn’t drop on their own.
As a result, he was fired.

McKevitt said, “I tried shaking it by hand, but it didn’t do anything. Then I tried putting in another dollar and nothing happened. I could see the candy bar dangling and I was already having a rough day. My girlfriend was nine months pregnant and it was rough.”

He added, “I shook the machine and the candy bar dropped so I was happy about that. But then I was upset that I had spent two dollars on a 90-cent candy bar. Then I took it upon myself to move the machine back with the forklift.”

McKevitt says a supervisor showed up and assumed the worst.

He said, “It may have looked like I was stealing candy bars, but the machine stole money from me.”

After being fired, McKevitt says the financial stress was too much and played a role in the demise of his relationship.

He was denied unemployment and unable to make rent payments, so he was forced to move out of his house and in with family.

However, he has since been hired by Wal-Mart.

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