Late Oklahoma school district spring break changes may force parents to change vacation

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OKLAHOMA CITY – This winter, Oklahoma City Public Schools have already used more snow days than their calendar allows.

The state’s largest district has now finalized a plan to make up the lost time.

In a special meeting Thursday night, the school board decided to cut one day out of the normal two weeks of spring break.

The day will be Monday, March 10.

Several suggestions were considered before officials made the decision.

Some suggested making up the lost time at the end of the year but board members said the district needs to make up the days before standardized testing.

Officials also discussed adding more minutes to each day but interim Superintendent David Lopez said research shows that is not effective.

Part of the reason the district is over the allotted has to do with the new “Wind Chill” policy.

Classes are canceled if the actual temperature is below 10 degrees or the wind chill is below zero.

Now some said they are concerned about student absences that Monday.

Lopez said teachers will be allowed to give missed assignments to students who already have travel plans.

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