Oklahoma student brings to life music notes hidden in a 500-year-old painting

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EDMOND, Okla.- It's being called a musical mystery that was unveiled by a metro college student.

A piece of music found on the derriere of a subject in a historic painting.

The artwork has been studied for centuries and it's now making an Oklahoma Christian University student famous.

Recently, Amelia Hamrick, a junior at Oklahoma Christian, was up late one night with a friend.

They were examining "The Garden of Early Delights" painting.

Hamrick said, "It's the most bizarre painting. It's so huge and there's all these little tiny details. It's kind of like a 500-year-old 'Where's Waldo' poster."

Within the painting, she made a strange discovery.

Hamrick said, "It was one in the morning. We were bored and we saw the dude's butt with music on it."

She said, "I was like, 'I'm going to transcribe it guys.' So, I did it as a joke and I put it on my blog and apparently it was historically significant."

Those notes have been seen before by others but as far as Hamrick and her professors know, it has never been played.

Hamrick said, "There wasn't actually a cleft on the painting, but most Gregorian chant that I've seen has had it on C cleft."

Hamrick transcribed what she saw and played it.

She said, "The first thing I thought was this is a really bad Gregorian chant."

The song is short, only about 25 seconds, but it has brought Amelia more attention than she could have ever imagined.

Hamrick said, "It's not on Earth what I expected to be famous for, if I was to be famous at all."

Amelia Hamrick is working with a music history professor on campus to improve the accuracy of the music.

She says her jazz band director has joked about turning it into something the entire band could play.

You can find a link to the music on Amelia's Blog.

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