Water in Oklahoma town leaves a bad taste behind, reminds residents of ‘lake bottom’

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - It's something that is in every household across the state and is usually taken for granted.

However, residents in Guthrie say something is very wrong with the water that is coming out their faucets.

For the past few months, residents say they have been drinking water that looks normal but tastes terrible.

In fact, one Guthrie citizen says the liquid tastes like "lake bottom."dookie1

Many of the restaurants in the area say their customers have been bringing in their own water bottles to avoid drinking tap water and soda products.

Sereniah Breland, the Guthrie city manager, says the water is safe to drink, although it may have an odd taste.

Breland says the cause of the strange tasting water could be an array of reasons.guthrie

She thinks the primary reason behind the odd taste is a sediment build up in the lines.

It's a problem the water treatment plant may face during the winter months since it is unable to flush the systems due to the cold temperatures.

Experts say the temperatures must reach above 40 degrees before they are able to flush the lines for any sediment.

In the next few months, Breland says there should be a noticeable difference in the taste of the water.drinks

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