Oklahoma dispatcher arrested for allegedly smoking pot on job at police dept.

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CARNEGIE, Okla. - A police department dispatcher is arrested for smoking marijuana on the job.

The incident was caught on the jail's surveillance camera.

Police say Vicki Boyung admitted to smoking marijuana inside the Carnegie Police Department during her shift.

"The town has a drug free workplace policy," Carnegie mayor James Powers said.

Powers said Boyung did not follow that policy.

Police reports state an officer was unable to make contact with Carnegie Police Department dispatch on the two-way radio and police say surveillance video shows why no one was answering.

They say the dispatcher was away from the radio smoking pot.

In the video you can see her standing near the garage door opening and after about nine minutes goes back inside the police department.

The officer who was trying to contact the dispatcher decided to show up to check on her and moments later you can see him pull up in his police car.

He walks by the area where Boyung is accused of smoking and then turns around after smelling what he said he believes is marijuana.

He confronted Boyung about the smell and she finally admitted to smoking pot on the job and gave the officer a small tin container with two and a half joints.

The officer then arrested his coworker on the spot.

"We enforce the laws equally and fairly," Powers said.

Boyung  was jailed in the same police department she once worked.

"She offered her resignation to the town and she's no longer employed with the town of Carnegie," Powers said.

Boyung was charged with a misdemeanor of possession of a dangerous substance.

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