4 Your Money: Less can be more

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Today 4 Your Money, less is more.

Do you dream of luxury cars, designer clothing, and exclusive vacations?

Plenty of us hope to land that dream job, invent the next best thing, or just win the lottery.

"Everything That Remains" is the story of a young man who was on the fast-track financially.

But a death and divorce in his life made him re-evaluate everything.

Joining Linda Cavanaugh on 4 Your Money is Joshua Millburn, and his best friend Ryan Nicodemus.

Both are on a 100-city tour promoting the philosophy of "Minimalism."

Josh and Ryan will be meeting fans and signing their book tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Full Circle Book store in OKC.

It's a free event, and they promise you'll be glad you came.