GRAPHIC: Animal neglect; Animals left to starve in NE Oklahoma City

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WARNING:  Some of the images are graphic.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities discover a horrific case of animal neglect involving a farm full of animals who were basically abandoned by the owner and left to starve.

It happened just northeast of Oklahoma City near the town of Jones.

Those big plastic bags are not full of trash. Inside are dead animals that likely starved to death. Animal control was called out to a home in rural Oklahoma County after the sheriff's department made a stomach turning discovery.

"There is a subject who is locked out on a sheriff's lockout. He was basically told he can't stay there anymore on a foreclosure," Tracy Lyons of the OKC Animal Welfare Department said.

But it looks like the former owner left his animals behind to fend for themselves.

"He left several animals there in different states of health," Lyons said.

Several different kinds were found including horses, goats, turkey, quail, cats and dogs. Some were dead, others malnourished and some were eating the carcases of others to stay alive. In all about 30 dead animals were found scattered across the property.

"We will be pursuing some state felony charges against the person responsible," Lyons said.

The owner is not allowed back, and now animal welfare is loading up what animals did survive before it is too late for them, as well.

The owner has not been arrested but will be if formal charges of animal neglect and cruelty are filed.

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