Texas teen took beer to school, which was against the rule, but it was honest mistake

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LIVINGSTON, Texas – A Texas teen has been suspended from school for a few days after beer was found in his lunch bag.

But his mother is on his side on this one.

That’s because Chaz Seale claims he accidentally grabbed a beer from the family refrigerator instead of a soda.

Chaz’s mother, Christi, said it’s an honest mistake that could happen to anyone.

She said she is frustrated with how the situation was handled. Texas teen beer

Chaz realized the mistake during third period so he gave the beer to his teacher, thinking he wouldn’t be in trouble.

Instead, he was suspended for three days and slapped with 60 days at an alternative school.

Chaz’s mother is appealing her son’s suspension to try to get the punishment reduced.

She even created a Facebook page, “Stand with Chaz,” to garner support for her son.

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