Thousands of Oklahomans headed to Severe Weather Expo to meet 4Warn Storm Team, Dominator 4

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OKLAHOMA CITY – We may still be dealing with winter weather, but spring storm season will be here before we know it.

This weekend, a special event focusing on weather gave visitors the chance to check out some unique equipment and meet some of their favorite media personalities.

Thousands of shoppers poured into Penn Square Mall for the inaugural Severe Weather Awareness Expo.

The entire 4Warn Storm Team was on hand to meet with visitors and fans.

NewsChannel 4’s Linda Cavanaugh, Kevin Ogle, Bob Barry Jr, Lance West and Ali Meyer were also there to meet and greet everyone interested in severe weather.

Also, 4Warn Storm chaser Reed Timmer stopped by with the Dominator.

Reed DominatorJeffrey Oaks said, “This is cool. Dominator 4 is awesome.”

Oaks stopped by with his children, who had the chance to climb inside Dominator 4.

One third-grader commented that he knows a lot about tornadoes and wants to drive Dominator 4 when he grows up.

The Dominator was custom-built to directly intercept tornadoes to measure horizontal and vertical wind speed at ground level, decked out with instruments such as Mobile Doppler Radar, Pressure Sensors and an Air Cannon system that launches parachute probes into the funnel to measure temperature, moisture and pressure at a rate of 5 times a second.

Tornado shelter companies and weather related businesses were on hand as thoughts of last year’s tornadoes were on the mind of many shoppers.