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Tensions increase in Ukraine as Russia’s Parliament approves troop movement

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SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine (CNN) – Russia’s upper house of Parliament has just approved the move to send troops into Ukraine, which is causing tensions in the Crimea region and is in defiance of warnings from United States.

The vote comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin asked for approval to send troops into the area to stabilize the situation.

Putin claimed the lives of Russian citizens and military personnel in the country were being threatened.

A member of Russia’s Parliament said, “I can say we were expecting this sort of appeal from the president because we were concerned what was going on in Ukraine and we were watching these riots, which literally seized Kiev, overthrew the legitimate power and now we are in position to make a decision. Life will show what will happen in Kiev but I don’t need to be a big prophet to see what might happen next. I am entirely positive that the next step of these banderos is that they will not recognize any power, they do not respect any power except their own. ”

Ukraine’s acting President Oleksandr Turchynov spoke out on Twitter about the approval.

He said, “We perceive Russia’s actions as direct aggression towards the sovereignty of Ukraine.”

Leaders in Kiev say they are hoping to prevent tensions in Crimea from escalating into a separation between Ukrainians and Russians.

Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko said he wants to ask the acting Ukranian president to vote to invalidate the Black Sea Fleet Naval Base agreement.

Amid all the chaos, reports are surfacing of 300 gunmen wearing Russian Special Forces uniforms attempting to take over a unit of the Ukrainian Coast Guard.

Local residents were said to be standing between the Coast Guard building and the troops, begging them not to attack.