Update: New bill imposes harsh punishment to those who sell prescription medication

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UPDATE: After a slight change, HB 2589 was unanimously approved by the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

It now heads back to the Senate for approval.

OKLAHOMA CITY – New drug legislation focuses not on illegal drugs, but on prescription medication.

House Bill 2589 would add morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and benzodiazepine to drugs listed under current drug trafficking law.

Under the bill, carrying 1,000 grams of a morphine mixture, 400 grams of an oxycodone mixture, 50 grams of an hydrocodone substance or 15 grams of a benzodiazepine mixture would carry a penalty of a $100,000 to $500,000 fine and prison time.

Organizers say it’s all in an attempt to stop the trafficking of prescription drugs in the Sooner State.

Persons convicted would receive a minimum sentence of 10 years, which is twice the prison term for those convicted of possession.

Each person sentenced will cost the state $49 per day.

On Monday, the bill was unanimously approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

According to representatives, the drugs added to the list are the ones that have led to the most deaths in the state.

Now, the bill heads to the Oklahoma Senate.

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