Refuse to scrape out car again? Recipe for homemade car deicer

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N.W. of Perry, Okla snowing now 6:35 pm Charles & Mary Kerfoot

Tired of this winter weather and refuse to scrape out your car again?

You could just stay home, which might be your safest bet.

But if you must get out, here are a few helpful winter weather tips to make your day just a little less miserable.

Homemade deicer #1 (Before Ice Comes): 

3 parts vinegar
1 part water

Spray solution on your car windows before the ice comes and it should keep the snow or ice from sticking to your windows.
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Homemade deicer #2 (After Ice Comes): 

1 part water
2 parts rubbing alcohol

Apply to windows and watch the ice come off.

More tips: 

Some drivers recommend adding alcohol to your windshield wiper fluid to keep the fluid lines from freezing up.

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