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Incurable disease ranks near cancer and heart disease in leading cause of death

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A new study shows that Alzheimer’s may be the cause of more deaths than we think.

Alzheimer’s disease is officially listed as the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, however; new research shows that it may be as high as third.

Many do not realize that Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease, when in fact, it not only breaks down the memory, but it also breaks down the body and leads to death.

Although death certificates do not always list “Alzheimer’s” as cause of death, researchers at Rush University Medical Center conducted a study on more than 2,500 elderly adults and found that many of their deaths were attributed to their Alzheimer’s disease.

Bryan James, Ph. D, reports that this study¬†“actually puts Alzheimer’s disease right behind cancer as the third leading killer with about half a million deaths per year.”

With more than 5 million Americans diagnosed with the disease, many are asking for more funding of this cause since there is no effective treatment or cure.

To help raise awareness and funds for this disease, join the Alzheimer’s Association in their annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s walk.