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Man helps pay for friend’s medical bills by cashing in on winter weather

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KANSAS CITY  (CNN) – You may be tired of winter weather but one Missouri man is thankful for the snow in his area.

For Mike Moore, there is nothing more gratifying than the thankless job of plowing snow.

Moore said, “I’ve always done this for free, for neighbors, friends or family.”

This winter is a little different.

With every step, he clears away a path and heaps of medical debt for his childhood friend, Nick Crewse.

Moore said, “Nick had a stroke in December. He subsequently had a lengthy hospital stay and he had medical bills that accrued from that. He has insurance, but insurance doesn’t cover everything.”

Nick needed surgery to repair a hole in his heart.

A blood clot caused the 29-year-old to have a stroke just before Christmas.

He said, “Now, still three months later, he is still dealing with the pressure in his brain that the stroke had caused. Basically, it is like he has a really bad migraine and it doesn’t stop.”

Moore uses his time and tools to plow people’s driveways in return for a donation to help pay his friend’s medical bills.

After a big store, he will clear up to 40 driveways in a day.

Little by little, he is removing a burden until there’s nothing left.