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Oklahoma man facing forgery charges in Piedmont check ring

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PIEDMONT, Okla. - Piedmont Police arrested a man accused of trying to cash a fake check.

It was a normal day at Williams Foods in Piedmont, Oklahoma until Lloyd Dale Pate strolled in. Police say he tried to cash a bogus check. Having been burned before, the quick thinking employee was suspicious and picked up the phone.

"They were smart enough to delay him a little bit to call the company," said Police Chief Alex Oblein.

Eleven minutes went by and Pate waited patiently hoping to get cash.

But the company listed on the check didn't know who Pate was so the manager dialed 911.

"Obviously he's tied to some other people, its been more than one person passing the same checks from that company," said Oblein.

Investigators say Pate's $725 check is just a drop in the bucket in loss profits. Police believe a forgery ring is responsible for thousands of dollars in fake checks cashed in Newcastle, Tuttle, Carnegie, Duncan and Piedmont.

Turns out this isn't Pate's first run in with the law. Investigators say he's had previous drug charges in Garfield and Haskel counties.

Oblein said, "Good work on the grocery store's part, Williams did a good job on it and our guys did a good job responding quickly and getting him into custody."

Customers like Jo Ewy are glad the hot check ring is finally unraveling. "We all work hard for our money and I think its frustrating to the average guy when someone is trying to get a buck they didn't earn. Kudos to the employees who were sharp and on the ball."

Pate is facing forgery charges.