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Snow day turns into a nightmare for three Okla. boys

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - A snow day turned into a nightmare for three Shawnee boys when one of them fell through a frozen pond.

You can still see the spot where 7-year-old Trenton Primeaux fell through the ice.

His mother, Alicia Primeaux started to cry after watching it. "Yeah, because it could have been way worse," said Alicia.She checked on the children every 15 minutes, but in a matter of seconds, her son was under water.

Trenton walked out on a nearby pond, and the ice buckled beneath his feet.

"Felt like I was going to drown," said Trenton. "I had to hold on like this to the ice." He moved his arms to show. His face was the only thing visible above the water.

A vision no mother wants to imagine.
"It tore me up, tore me up inside because just the thought of him having to sit there and hold himself on the ice," said Alicia. "It's scary."

And it's a vision, that still haunts his older brother, Landon.

"I just don't want to see it again."

Landon's instinct was to run to Trenton's rescue, but the ice couldn't hold him.

Paramedics and firefighters warn against going on the ice to save someone. You could end up falling into the water yourself, but nine-year-old Landon did the only thing he knew to do.

"I was kinda scared, but I knew Avery was light enough to get on there," said Landon.

He sent his lighter, six-year-old cousin, Avery, out.

Avery crawled out to the middle and pulled Trenton to safety.
"It was cold and scary," said Trenton.

With a shivering, wet Trenton, the boys ran back home.
Now, when they're alone, they still talk about the fall, and there is a sense of uneasiness among them.

Their mother says they know they got lucky this time.
"We could be in a different place right now, but thankfully, God was watching over my kids," said Alicia.

She just hopes other parents learn from their experience and talk to their kids about ice and snow safety.

If someone falls in the ice, experts warn you to throw a rope or something into the water that they can grab. You can then drag them to shore. If there is nothing around, call 911 immediately.