Deaf man involved in controversial OHP arrest gives his side of the story

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OKLAHOMA - For the first time NewsChannel 4 is hearing from a deaf man caught in the center of a controversial arrest with Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Pearl Pearson, 64 was left bloodied and bruised after a traffic stop in January.

OHP accused Pearson of leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest, but in court Friday afternoon Pearson said he was not resisting officers.

With help from a sign language interpreter Pearson tells NewsChannel 4 he was trying to communicate to officer, but was not able too.

“The citizens of Oklahoma County will look at this and this wasn't an ordinary stop,” said  Billy Coyle, Pearson’s attorney. “This is not how it should be conducted and the fact that those officers weren't reprimanded is something we believe should have happened.”

OHP launched a criminal investigation and the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office cleared the three troopers of any wrong doing in connection to the arrest.

Pearson pleaded not guilty. He’s due back in court next month.