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Doll with ‘real’ body proportions gains support, crowd funded in just 24 hours

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Photo: CNN via WTAE

Photo: CNN via WTAE

PITTSBURGH, Penn. – A Pennsylvania man said he believes “average” is beautiful and there should be a doll to represent that.

So, the Russian-born, Pittsburgh-bred Nickolay Lamm used numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to design a doll with the average proportions of women today.

He doesn’t seem to be the only one with that belief.

CNN reported Lamm’s doll came to life and was crowd-funded in just 24 hours.

WTAE reported the doll, named “Lammily,” is shorter and broader with a smaller head and thicker neck than her predecessor, Barbie.

Lamm told CNN Lammily is health, active and doesn’t wear much makeup.

He estimates the realistic dolls could be available as soon as November 2014.