Fomer Oklahoma deputy behind bars for alleged sexual abuse

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OKLAHOMA - A former lawman who was working as a registered nurse is behind bars Friday night after a patient says he sexually abused her.

Red hearts on the outside gate show the love many staff members have for the patients at the Crescent Care Center. But police say behind one of the windows, one nurse broke the bond of trust.

John Wesley Tucker is accused of sexually abusing a terminally ill patient. Court records state the victim told police: "When she awoke she found Tucker sucking on her right breast and his hand inside her vagina."

She told investigators she began to yell for her roommate to wake up. The affidavit says "Tucker then walked over to the roommate and began to administer medication to her."

Investigators say Tucker first said he never touched the woman inappropriately, but he could not deny the DNA evidence he left on her body.

"It's scary that people will do that especially in towns like this. It's a small town, pretty much everybody knows everybody. It's scary that someone would do that to you," said resident Tina Scott.

"Its troubling, its embarrassing and its maddening," said Chief Deputy Rich Stephens with Logan County Sheriff's Office. "Sexual abuse at any age is terrible but when it's completely vulnerable people who can't take care of themselves that's just the most heinous type of crime there is."

Tucker previously worked as a reserve deputy for the Logan County Sheriff's Office. He was fired over a policy violation because he mishandled narcotic evidence. Officials said the 45-year-old grandfather also worked for at least two other law enforcement agencies in the metro.

NewsChannel 4 stopped by his house, no one answered the door. But people around town didn't hold back on what they think should happen next.

Scott said, "Personally he should stay in jail for the rest of his life. I think that he should have to stay and deal with it forever."

Authorities interviewed other patients and staff members, but reportedly no one had any other complaints of abuse. The facility declined to comment.

Tucker remains behind bars with a $50,000 bond.