Norman schools run last minute inspections before storm season hits.

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NORMAN, Okla. - May 20, 2013, an unforeseen tragedy tore through the hearts of Moore.

An E-f-5 tornado blew through the walls of Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary.

Seven students lost their lives, and dozens more were injured.

Now, almost a year later, experts say that it could have been prevented.

Recently questions have swirled around the structural integrity of the two fallen schools.

Norman officials say they are concerned because out of their 22 elementary, middle and high schools, four of them were built by the same contractor responsible for building Briarwood and Plaza Towers.

Howard Pollock a grandfather of a Norman high school student says he has growing concerns about the structural security of Norman Public Schools when severe weather strikes

"I worry about my children, my grandson, and my children who were there before every time a storms coming through."

Superintendent Joe Siano says Norman schools are close to wrapping up initial inspections, having worked closely with a team of multidisciplinary professionals dubbed the 'dream team' since fall.

"We had engineers, architects, going through all of our buildings as we were designing and adding onto the buildings. So at this point we have not identified any buildings that we have structural concerns with."

Pollock says he is just happy to see steps being taken for the safety of the students.

"We're glad that the city and the state are getting involved and making sure that our schools are safe, I mean the children are our future."