OKC Business falls victim to a high dollar heist

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A persistent thief pulls off a high dollar heist in the metro.

A Oklahoma man is caught on camera spending nearly 90 minutes breaking into a business.

Eventually, the crook made off with nearly 25 thousand dollars of equipment.

The suspect stole a trailer loaded with a high pressure washer and chemical tank, but not without a lot of effort.

Surveillance video set up around the property shows the entire crime.

The crime started quietly, with a white pickup truck pulling into the parking lot.

The thief gets out and covers up the license plate on the truck.

The crook then makes his way to the side of the business and tries unsuccessfully to scale the fence.

"He wasn't really thinking clear.  He fell off the fence three times trying to crawl over it," said the business owner Roy Chappell.

Eventually the suspect cut a hole in the chain link fence and crawled inside.

Using a prybar, the man tries for several minutes to break into the back of the business.

"It's just really aggravating," said Chappell. "You'd like to get these people off the streets."

In order to steal a trailer, loaded with an expensive pressure washer and water tank, the man needed to breach the side gate.

First the crook cut one of the metal bars off the gate and broke it off, but that didn't open the gate, which was held shut by a thick chain.

That forced the suspect to drive away, only to return after dark.

Sparks then flew as the man cut the chain with a high-powered tool.

Finally, after all that work, the thief hooked up the trailer and made off with his loot.

"The bad things is the equipment is 25 thousand dollars," said Chappell.  "He did 3 or 4 thousand in damage and I doubt he gets 3 thousand out of the whole thing."

The suspect covered his face with a hood most of the time, but Roy is still offering a $5,000 dollar reward for information that helps lead to an arrest.