Oklahoma town hopes to become arts and entertainment hub

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GUTHRIE - After the international band "Mumford and Sons" brought in 35 thousand concert goers to the city, residents have high hopes to keep the town alive.

Guthrie residents hope to keep the momentum going by adding a town square.

"This is our perfect spot we think. We've got the Pollard right here. One of the top wedding venues in the state in the same part and right next to it is the State Publishing Museum," Economic Development & Marketing Director with the City of Guthrie said.

University of Oklahoma architecture students studied the area during the Gentlemen of Road Tour and came up with the idea of an art place.

"Hopefully nothing quite as large as Mumford, but something that would be a great place to come for a weekend event," Rene Spineto, city planner said.

Guthrie is now one of 97 finalists for the Artplace America Grant and could fund 90 percent of the half a million dollar project.

"Now the hard work really comes in because we have to provide the foundation the final proposal of what were going to be doing," Spineto said.

The city officials want community events hosted at Harrison Square from farmer's markets, local shows and other art events.

"If we can showplace Guthrie as a place for the arts and we think that we can keep the momentum going and keep having events," Mosley said.

Guthrie will find out in June if they receive the grant.