You won’t believe what this college is doing to a Rare Dodge Viper in perfect condition

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Photo: KCPQ-TV via @IAmPrinceKenzie

Photo: KCPQ-TV via @IAmPrinceKenzie

OLYMPIA, Wash. – This rare, pristine Dodge Viper is going to be crushed into a cube, the fate handed down from Chrysler itself.

Think it’s a shame to see such a piece of automotive history destroyed?

You’re not alone.

Automotive Technology Professor Norm Chapman with South Puget Sound Community College said this once-in-a-lifetime ride is one of a small collection of educational Vipers Chrysler donated to automotive schools across the country.

“It was fourth off the line,” Chapman said. “To see a piece of history get crushed like that would be sad.”

He said Chrysler sent him a letter telling him the $250,000 pre-production 1992 Dodge Viper the school owns must be destroyed.

Chapman said he isn’t sure why the manufacturer sent the order.

However, he said he knew of two other educational Vipers that were involved in crashes while “operating illegally outside the classroom.”

He said he thinks that may have something to do with it.

According to Chapman, the car only has 304 miles on it, which were all from either the manufacturer or mechanics.

Chapman told KCPQ Jay Leno even tried to buy the car in the 1990s but Chrysler wouldn’t sell it to him, saying it was for “educational purposes.”

But the professor is giving up hope on saving the unique car.

“Maybe it will get a pardon from the Governor like those turkeys over Thanksgiving,” Chapman said.

If not, the car is scheduled to be crushed in the next two-to-four weeks, Chapman said.

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