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Young man determined to help a friend in both life and death raffles off his vehicle

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OKLAHOMA CITY - At La Oaxaquena bakery, the food is selling as fast as the employees can bag it but there's a new item on the menu that may sell faster than most dishes.

It's Eduardo Ramirez's car.

Ramirez is raffling it off and for $50 dollars a ticket you get a chance to not only win the car, but most importantly, give the Ayala family a chance to properly say goodbye to their son.

Manuel Ayala passed away due to blood cancer on Monday.

With all of his family still in Mexico, the closest thing to family Ayala had here in the states was his best friend Ramirez.

So, Ramirez is raising the money so that Ayala can be sent back to his family in Mexico.

Ramirez says that he made a promise to Ayala's father that he would send him soon.

Gloria Roaygoza lost her sister and says she has never had the closure Ramirez is trying to give his friends family.

"there are a lot of people out here that are willing to help and have hearts just like Eduardo's to help out his best friend very unique person I'm very blessed to know him."

Eduardo says that he is proud to be a Oklahoman as he has seen many people donate to his cause, and a few people have actually written his name on the back of his raffle ticket.

Gloria hopes that good fortune comes to him. "I one-hundred and ten percent am hoping and praying that he will receive his car back tomorrow!"

If you would like to donate or buy into the raffle, the address of Oaxaquena Bakery is located at 741 SW 29th street, in Oklahoma City.