Temperatures below -200 degrees freezing pain away, boosting energy in new technique

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OKLAHOMA CITY - If a medical professional told you exposing your body to -225 degrees Fahrenheit would to help reduce pain, increase blood flow and boost energy, would you do it?

It's possible through a new business called Central Cryotherapy in Oklahoma City.

Full body cryotherapy rapidly freezes the outer layer of skin in minutes.

"To really think about it, it's like ice on steroids," retired athlete Brad Gilmore said.

The point is to help alleviate everyday soreness, stiffness or joint pain.

For one retired athlete who has had 10 sports-related surgeries, the benefits have been life-changing.

"It's the first time in 20 years that I've been able to walk up steps or get out of bed in the middle of the night and my knees don't ache and my body doesn't ache," Gilmore said.

We had to give it a try for ourselves.

Getting in was a little scary but bearable.

Your body is exposed with the exception of gloves, socks and slippers.

Full body cryotherapy is like a 15 minute ice bath but with less work and time and is said to be more tolerable.

"You will not get frostbite," owner Lainie Cocannouer said. "It's a dry cold. Liquid nitrogen is non-toxic gas, very safe, it's used in the medical field also."

The allowed temperature is based on the individual but can go to -225 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is different approach to reaching a common goal, releasing endorphins or those 'feel good' hormones.

"When your body feels good, you have an overall sense of feeling great," Gilmore said.

Central Cryotherapy is currently offering a first-time freeze special.

For more information, visit centralcryotherapy.com

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