Tornado, severe weather safety tips for drivers

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The recent warmer temperatures have many starting to think about severe weather season.

AAA said it wants everyone to be prepared and safe on the road and has a few tips and reminders for drivers.

Tornado Safety Tips for Drivers: 

If you are on the road when a tornado warning is issued:

– Leave your car and find shelter.
– Never try to outrun a tornado. Your car will not protect you from the twister.
– Find shelter inside. A basement is safest. Closets or small interior rooms are also good. Cover yourself with a mattress and stay away from windows.
– Do not take shelter in a mobile home. They offer very little protection.
– A “Tornado Warning” means a tornado is developing or is actually on the ground. A “Tornado Watch” means conditions are favorable for the development of severe storms that may create tornadoes.
– Wet roads mean poor traction. Conditions are the most dangerous during the first 10 minutes of a heavy downpour as oil and debris wash away. Driving on wet roads in the rain is comparable to driving on ice. Go slow. Allow extra time.
– Never use your car’s “cruise control” setting in bad weather.

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