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Here is what it takes to get a burn ban issued in Oklahoma

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Many factors and conditions go into determining the need for a burn ban. The County criteria and the State criteria are different.

County commissioners determine the need with the advice of the county’s fire chiefs according to the Oklahoma Forestry Services.

The criteria are:

  • Drought rated moderate or higher as determined by NOAA and
  • No more than one-half inch of precipitation is forecast by the National Weather Service and
  • Fire occurence is significantly greater than normal for the season or initial attack on a significant number of wildland fires has been unsuccessful due to extreme fire behavior and
  • More than 20 percent of the wildfires in the county have been caused by escaped debris burns or controlled burns (or types of items eliminated by the resolutions)

Click here for details on the fire weather and fuel conditions criteria.

State burn bans are issued by the Governor and supersedes a county burn ban.



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