Just when you thought mobile game Flappy Bird was gone forever, think again

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We thought it was gone forever, but it turns out, there is a chance it could come back.

Dong Nguyen, the creator of the Flappy Bird mobile game, met with Rolling Stone and announced that he is “considering” bringing it back.

The app, which brought in $55,000 in ad revenue per day, became Apple’s and Google Play’s most downloaded app in early February.

Nguyen took down the app in mid-February after the stress from receiving death threats due to his addictive game.

After the game was pulled, phones with the app on it were being auctioned off on eBay for thousands of dollars.

In his interview he said that he felt relief after removing it from the apple and android stores.

He stated that he would consider bringing it back, but he would want to place a “warning” on the game, urging users to “take a break.”

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