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Major detail short-circuits possible scammers plan to target businesses, homeowners

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EDMOND, Okla. - While staying inside may be the last thing on your mind, a few local businesses say a possible scam is worrying employees and homeowners.

Tim Vettori said, "I thought something was a little strange."

Vettori says he was working at Get Vaped in Edmond when a man, claiming to be from OG&E, called and demanded money.

He said, "Saying that the electric was going to be shut off if we didn't pay it in full."

The man claimed Vettori owed $489.

However, he knew immediately it was a scam.

Vettori owns a home and works in Edmond, where the electricity is provided by the City of Edmond, not OG&E.

Just two doors down, another store got the same call.

Mark Garvey, with Beef Jerky Emporium, says he knew he was up to date with his bills.

Garvey said, "If they're trying to scam you, me or anyone else, I hope they get what's coming to them."

He added, "It's unfortunate as a business, you can't be put on the no call list. So you get all kinds of calls through the day at a business that you can block on a residential phone but not on a business phone."

When calling the number that showed up on the Get Vaped caller ID, someone answered, claiming to be with OG&E.

A few minutes later, the number went to a recording.

OG&E officials say they never call customers about delinquent bills.

Instead, cut off notices are sent by mail.

Aaron Baldwin, part-owner of Get Vaped, said, "I hope they catch them and go to jail. I'm really sick of all these scams going on."

For more information, visit OG&E's website.